Excited about 2014!!!!

I am looking forward to an exciting and excellent New Year regarding my work as a teacher, musician, and living in general.  I am interested in seeing what God will do concerning touching people through my presence!  It is important to remember that just because we may not be working formally in a ministry mode, we are called to do that no matter what we are doing!  Unfortunately, many times people who are involved with church in any serious level see ministry as staunch, rigid, stiff, and highly scripted.  They see "ministry" in a church setting with people having titles and being very "ministerial" in their disposition.  We often relate to people we come in contact with through culturally predetermined (our person perspective) lenses. The truth is that most people see us outside of church and don't really care about how we do church.  Or at least that is not what they are focused on.  Subconsciously, the average person pays attention to how they are affected and feel when you are around them.  The important thing is that we are the ones, those who are called of Christ to set the tone and the atmosphere and permeating it with power of Holy Spirit in us. It is up to us as normal everyday people (because that is how people mostly see us) to connect with, influence, and impact people in their personal lives in a positive way!!